We got the trademark for the word "Tolstoy"!

Great news!

Last week we have received the trademark for the word “Tolstoy” for the whole of the European Union in the categories of software, food, restaurant and franchising. Not just the logo and the font, but the word itself is now registered by Tolstoy GmbH.

This is a big step for us. I believe the strong name is a very important success factor for consumer business – and is essential for our future international growth.

And Tolstoy’s name is not just strong (meaning it is known worldwide and has a memorable sound to it).

But more than that, Leo Tolstoy as a historical figure has been a moral beacon for vegetarian movement for many years. Tolstoy became devoted vegetarian by his own moral choice during the time, when the most of Europe had not yet heard of vegetarianism.

This strongly resonates with what kind of company we want to build – ground-breaking and brave, driving change and innovation with both our plant-based food and technology focus.

As a central character in our brand narrative Leo Tolstoy – unlike Ronald McDonald or Colonel Sanders – does not just represent a mascot.

Tolstoy represents the whole school of thought, – and our mentality.